Openfield Technology


Micro instruments for harsh environments

OpenField Technology is breaking down the market standstill on harsh environment research and development to provide integrated sensor systems for the most demanding environments. Based on proprietary MEMS technology, our pressure and fluid property gauges outperform existing monitoring options with more accurate data and easy deployment with industry-standard equipment.

Oil and Gas operating companies

To keep on innovating and developing state-of-the-art downhole microsensors and technologies helping reducing costs and maximizing high data quality in more and more harsh and challenging downhole environments.

Well Service companies

To provide innovative solutions and technologies helping reducing costs without compromising with data quality and deliverables to Oil and Gas operating companies.

System integrators Manufacturers

To provide innovative and cost-efficient microsensors and instruments to optimize downhole tools and help resolving technical challenges that conventional technologies cannot address efficiently.


Customize or integrate our innovative products

PLT, Probes, Gauge, OEM Sensors

OpenField develops, produces and commercializes miniaturized instruments operating in high pressure, high temperature and corrosive environments.

Smart sensors

Our technology combines small size and high metrology to provide robust, low cost and low power consumption sensors.


High Performance Micro Sensing Systems customization

Openfield Technology develops a specific and personalized expertise for its customers. Discover all the possibilities that our experience allows in the field of oil and gas industries.

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Innovation, new products and actuality

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