Openfield Technology


R&D Custom solutions

OpenField offers its expertise to empower customer projects with customized miniaturized sensing solutions. Fitting outstanding sensors into tight locations, wirelessly retrieving data or harnessing power for long time recording are parts of projects which have been sucessfully field deployed. Contact us to learn how we can make your project happen!

Micro sensing technology customized for your demanding projects

Assembly and integration capabilities
Miniature electronics design
Innovative possibilities with micro-chip design
Novel deployment opportunities
Compact packaging
Micro Pressure & Temperature Digital Sensor for OEM Integration


Clean room manufacturing
Custom prototype manufacturing
Failure analysis
Feasibility studies
Firmware development
High temperature electronic design
Measurements of pressure temperature flow and fluid properties Sensor physics and modeling

Mechanical engineering
MEMS design (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems)
Metrology evaluation
Micro assembly and packaging
Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems
Packaging for HTHP
Pressure and temperature cycling
Product industrialization
Reliability testing
Shock testing
Software development