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OpenField proprietary MEMS technology dramatically improves dynamic data acquisition and interpretation capacities during Well Test operations thanks to its extremely fast settling time. With its tiny size, this sensor can be integrated in any room-constrained aplplication to allow measurement where it would be impossible with conventional sensors.
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Material Inconel 718
Power 3.6V / 4mA
Interface/Communication One Wire UART, I2C, SPI
Pressure Range 5, 10 or 15 kPsi
Temp. Range 125, 150 or 170°C (257, 302 or 338°F)
Pressure Accuracy +/- 0.01% FS
Pressure Resolution 0.00005% FS at 1Hz
Temp. Resolution 1 mK at 1Hz
Pressure Resolution 0.00005% FS at 1 Hz
Sampling Rate 8ms to 24 hours
Deployment OEM integration in Downhole Tools


MEMS stands for « Micro Electro Mechanical Systems ». MEMS devices combine mechanical, electromagnetic, thermal and chemical functions on a millimetre-size chip. The technology is an extension of microelectronics processes to create micro-machined structures integrating sensing and actuating capabilities to computing power.
lt often yields better performance and better reliability through the use of high quality clean room processes. Moreover, miniature sensing element stabilise quicker than their macroscopic counterparts, leading to better acquisition rates and more accurate measurements during transients.


To interact with downhole fluids, MEMS elements must be protected against corrosive compounds. Additionally, although the sensing element is exposed to pressure, the acquisition system must be isolated from high pressure conditions.
This is achieved by placing the sensing element in a pressure feedthrough, behind a protective diaphragm. Combined in a miniaturised system, all these elements contribute to produce an outstanding sensor.


  • OEM integration in downhole tools

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