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Each probe integrates its electronics module with embedded pre-processing, outputting I2C digital data, which are directly ready for flow imaging interpretation. The acquisition can be made through any master board, in memory or real time. Additionally, a dedicated analog output provides full speed waveforms for fast events analysis. Thanks to the compact size, low power consumption and smart embedded processing, the local probes offer easy integration into various tolls such as array production logging tools or fluid samplers for fluid identification, flow rate or pressure and temperature measurements.
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Optical Probe For Gas Holdup

Fluid identification:

Liquid/Gas discrimination from refractive index with embedded computation of gas hold ups and bubble counts

Triphasic Optical Probe

Fluid identification:

Oil/Water/Gas discrimination from refractive index with embedded computation of gas/water/oil hold ups and bubble counts

Conductivity Probe

Fluid identification:

True conductivity measurement reliable from fresh water to high salinity brine with embedded computation of water hold ups and bubble counts

Capacitance Probe

Fluid identification:

Micro Spinner with Magnetic Probe

Flow rate:

Fluid velocities from 2 cm.s-1 to 10 m.s-1 using a smart magnetic detection

Miniature Doppler Probe

Flow rate:

Computation of velocities form the Doppler shift. Detection of very early fluid entries (particles detected down to the size of a few tens of micron)

Ultra Fast Fluid Temperature Probe


Fast response temperature with high resolution enabling early fluid entry detection

Pressure Probe


High resolution pressure and temperature sensor

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